I’m an engineer at For the past 2+ years, I’ve been the tech lead of our chatbot, responsible for:

  • Architecting and implementing the chatbot CMS and API for integrating with internal DoSomething APIs (users, campaigns, and user campaign activity) and external APIs (Twilio & Slack for sending and receiving user messages, Contentful for chatbot content)

  • Building out an internal web admin dashboard in React

Prior to the chatbot, I’ve led engineering for a few other DoSomething projects:

  • iOS app – A hybrid Objective C and React Native iOS app for integrating with internal DS user, campaign, and campaign activity API’s. Also built a news feed CMS and API with WordPress for mobile app consumption.

    • Note: the DoSomething apps are no longer available in the Apple or Google App Stores.
  • SMART Recovery iOS app – I took a one month sabbatical while at to volunteer at SMART Recovery, designing and implementing an iOS version of a paper worksheet used for addiction recovery.

  • Phoenix - A PHP/MySQL Drupal 7 application that we now consider “the monolith”. I architected and developed the backend for the Campaign and Campaign Activity components of the DoSomething platform from scratch, after reviewing and maintaing the legacy platform inherited from a third-party agency.

Technical writing

Here some a few links to DoSomething docs I’ve written:


  • Chatbot API - points of entry for chatbot conversations, with integrations per route