I’ve been coding in Javascript and Objective C most recently (Github profile), but also have years of experience working with PHP and MySQL ( profile).


My most recent side project is Interviewbud, an app for practicing how to answer job interview questions. It’s available as an iPhone app or a Facebook Messenger bot.


Gambit is a chatbot that powers signup and completion of volunteer campaigns via SMS.

DoSomething: Take Action on the News

The mobile app delivers news content, along with related DoSomething volunteer campaigns to complete and make a difference. I was the lead engineer for our iOS app.

SMART Recovery: Cost Benefit Analysis

I developed the Smart Recovery app as my 1-month volunteer sabbatical at

Drupal Media: thePlatform mpx

I developed the first release of thePlatform mpx (acquired by Comcast) Drupal 7 module while working for NorthPoint Digital (acquired by Ernst & Young).